Flutter 1.7.8 稳定版本发布

Flutter 1.7.8 最新稳定版发布了, 最主要修复了在同一 APK 同时支持 32 位和 64 位的bug, 这样就不用 使用这种黑科技来打包支持国内市场了,真香!!

修复的其他一些 bug 列表(部分)


  • #34684 The return type of the almost never used ParentDataWidget.debugDescribeInvalidAncestorChain method is now Iterable<DiagnosticsNode> instead of String. Existing uses can call .join('\n') on the return value if they need to continue to use a String instead of a DiagnosticsNode.


  • #30069 Text inline widgets allows embedding arbitrary widgets inline with text. TextSpanhas also been reworked to inherit from InlineSpan, in order to support WidgetSpan, which is used to define inline widgets. Existing uses of TextSpan should not assume the object is of type TextSpan anymore.


  • #33480 The FadeInImage widget no longer supports the placeholderSemanticLabelproperty.


  • #32374 The Image widget now supports two new properties: frameBuilder, and loadingBuilder, which enable callers to easily add a placeholder image which the image ios loading, add effects to the image once it loads (such as fading it in), and monitor the loading progress of the image (e.g. to show the user a loading indicator).


  • #33148 ExpandIcon now uses Colors.white60 instead of Colors.white54 when dark theme is used (ThemeData.brightness is set to Brightness.dark).


  • #32936 cleaned up the ImageStream listener API. addListener() and removeListener()now take an instance of ImageStreamListener, which contains references to the individual callbacks. See the announcement for more information.


  • #32528 Tapping a modal bottom sheet no longer dismisses it by default.


  • #30983 To support structured error messages #27327 the signature of InformationCollector and the context parameter of the FlutterErrorDetails constructor were changed. This should not impact you unless your package is attempting behave like part of the Flutter framework. See this comment which discusses how to write code that is forwards and backwards compatible with this change.
  • framework #31569/engine #8695 Rect and RRect are now const constructable and are backed by 64 bit doubles rather than 32 bit floats internally.
  • framework #31917 <- engine #8796 <- dart 1dd0f88c84 Fixes bug in StreamIterator which allowed constructor argument to be null. Also allowed await for on a null stream. This is now a runtime error.
  • #30884 TabController.animationController changed to be unbounded to allow DefaultTabController to handle changes to number of tabs (after initial build).